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    To access a EJB within a Converter-Class

    Henry F. Newbie

      Hello Community,


      Is ist possible to access a non-interface EJB in a self-made JSF-converter? I have created a JEE6 maven-project and the @EJB annotation within the converter doesn't work. And the InitialContext lookup

      required an interface.


      best regards

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          Brendan Healey Master

          Henry, it's an annoying oversight that @EJB doesn't work, but you can add something like this in the

          converter constructor:


          private YourEjbClass ejb;


          public YourConverter() {

                  if (ejb == null) {

                      try {

                          ctx = new InitialContext();

                          ejb = (YourEjbClass) ctx.lookup("java:global/com.myproject_MyProject_war_1.0.0/YourEjbClass");

                      } catch (Exception e) { // poor example of exception handling!






          The glassfish app server outputs the portable jndi names in the server log at startup time for all ejbs, hopefully similar

          functionality exists for other app servers.


          I use Myfaces CODI http://myfaces.apache.org/extensions/cdi/ which allows me to @Inject ejbs into converter

          classes that are annotated with the @Advanced annotation (I think this may depend on whether you're using

          OpenWebBeans or Weld as the CDI implementation, as a glassfish user I use Weld and require @Advanced).




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            Henry F. Newbie

            Brendan, thanks for the helpful answer. For the time i have chosen the InitialContext-Lookup and it works trouble-free. Soon I'll be looking closer for CODI. It should also work in Jboss AS7, but befor i have to change my pom.xml. I have visited your Link an have found maven-build-information in the project summary. Maybe, if you have time, you can provide your code from your pom.xml.


            For those how are often reliant on a InitialContext-Lookup, I've got a tip: During the deploy-process the AS shows the right JNDI-Namespaces (java:global/..., java:modul:/..., java:app/...) of your EJB's within the open terminal.


            Best regards an good cooperation continues