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    Logging configurations with custom handlers & custom formatting

    Noa Drach Novice



      I am looking for a place where there is some documentation of the logging capabilities in AS 7.1 - I didn't find it so far


      basically I was working with log4j.xml that was located in an external folder - from what I managed to read around it looks like I will need to incorporate my logging configurations into standalone.xml and I have the following questions:


      1. How do I incorporate log4j appender there? can someone refer me to some example snippet?
      2. I need to write message to the log with their UTC value - I created a UTCPatternLayout that extends org.apache.log4j.Layout - is it possible to use it with jboss logging?
      3. I have a custom appender that uses a datasource to log messages into the DB - is there something equivalent in jboss logging?


      I know there is a mixture of areas here but I am just trying to understand all my options