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    Connection Pooling, application level transactions issues

    Sri Newbie


      I am trying to use the ConnectionPool in JBOSS. I get a connection from JBOSS. This connection object works ok for database read operations. For update operations I am running into a problem with transactions. It throws SQLException with the following message:

      "Cannot commit a transactional connection: See JDBC 2.0 Optional Package Specification section 7.1 (p25)"

      If I get a connection using the DriverManager.getConnection, everything works OK.

      In JDBC 2.0 Spec. I found the following:
      "Because transaction boundaries are controlled by the middle-tier server, the application code may not call connection.commit() or connection.rollback() methods. These methods throw SQLException if called".

      I am wondering if there is any to make the connection obtained from the connection pool in way similar to that obtained from DriverManager.

      Many Thanks