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    questions related to a persistent timer

    nimo stephan Master

      I am using jboss 7.1.Final.


      I have 3 questions about a persistent "SingleActionTimer":


      - Will the timer-records stored in the database automatically be deleted after the timeout have occured?


      - Where can I view/edit all my active Timers within the jboss console? I cannot find the MBean-Console in jboss 7.1.final.


      - In the directory "jboss-as-7.1.0.Final\standalone\data\timer-service-data" are folders for each timer-bean of my application, buth these folders are empty. Where can I find the hsql-database, in which the timer-details are stored? Is this "jboss-as-7.1.0.Final\modules\com\h2database\h2\main" the database in which the timers are stored?