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    Web Cache on JBoss

    menjivar88 Newbie



      I want to know if JBoss has some product to cache web or enterprise applications, i mean like a layer in front of the HTTP Servers, i have been reading about JBoss cache but as what i read this cache is for transactional purpose, not for cache web applications, for example Oracle has webcache to accomplish this, any idea or way to do this on JBoss??


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          Tugdual Grall Newbie

          Hello Carlos,


          As far as I know, JBoss does not have a Web Cache technology, but you should be able to use

          - Apache mod_cache to achieve HTML/Resources caching.  (I have not used it personnaly)

          - Varnish ( https://www.varnish-cache.org/ ) we have used it as a front end of some EPP Site Publisher /  eXo sites

          - Akamai

          - or any other techno


          As you said this is different from JBoss Cache that is a Java Cache.


          Also you probably know that you can also cache your portlet using standard Portlet API caching feature. (this is once again cache on the middleware)



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            menjivar88 Newbie

            Hello Tug, thanks for the reply, this information will be very useful for me, one more question, this Portlet API caching is new for me any good source of information to learn more about this API ??


            Thanks and regards


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              Julien Viet Apprentice

              The specification mentions how caching can be done.


              The goal of this cache is to cache the content for a single user (it's not shared by default) to avoid to recompute a portlet fragment on each rendering.


              It's a good way to increase performance easily by just turning the caching on in portlet.xml file using the "expiration-cache" tag in a portlet where you specify the validity of the markup in seconds.


              This cache is invalidated as soon as an interaction is done with the portlet.

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                menjivar88 Newbie

                Hi, thanks for your help Julien, as you explain the procedure to increase performance seems very useful and easy to configurate and i will have my portlets's performance increased, just turning on the caching in the portlet.xml and thats it.


                I will try this, thanks for the advice!