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    Cluster with diverts

    Craig Skinfill Newbie

      I'm trying to setup a HornetQ cluster with the following:


      node1 has a core queue called system.events bound to the address system.#


      node2 has a core queue called system.events bound to system.events and two jms queues, called jms.queue.system.test and jms.queue.system.error


      node1 and node2 are clustered, with the cluster address prefix being system.


      I can successfully send messages to system.whatever at node1 and receive them on node2 in the system.events queue.


      I have tried to setup a divert on node2 that sends messages sent to system.events to jms.queue.system.error.


      If I send the message directly to system.events on node2 it works (the message appears in jms.queue.system.error); however, if I send the message to node1 it appears in node2's system.events queue but isn't diverted to the jms.queue.system.error queue.


      I'm doing this so I can send messages destinations on node1 without configuring it, and have it route to the approprate queue on node2.  In my system node1 needs to be very stable and long-lived while its easy to update node2 configuration and restart it.


      Is this possible?  If so, how?