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    Getting ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on JBoss 6.1 for trinidad table component

    Nitin Khekare Newbie



      I am getting ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on jboss 6.1 for table component.


      The scenario is like if I use same table on two pages keeping the backing bean in session scope and use binding attribute for jsf table component. The firstpage is getting rendered fine, but when  second page is getting rendered then I am getting ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. And the reason for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is the column count for the table is getting increased. And it is increasing in multiple of actual column numbers.


      If I remove the binding attribute then everything works fine.


      The same thing was working on jboss 4.2.3.


      I am using JBoss 6.1.0, JSF 1.2 and trinidad jsf compoents library.


      Can anybody help me in this?