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    ManagedConnection.getXAResource() is never called, why ?

    Sylvain Laurent Newbie

      I'm currently writing a RA with Jboss 2.4.3.
      I want it to be used with XA transactions.
      To do that, I added it to jboss.jcml, and set ra.xml accordingly.
      In my ManagedConnection implementation, getXAresource is never called, nor is getLocalTransaction.
      I'm using a bean with CMT "required" transaction. The only thing the bean does is to use my RA.

      Has anybody any idea why jboss doesn't seem to take of transactions for my RA ?
      Also, in ra.xml, I should put XATransaction for the tag <transaction-support>. But looking at jms-ra.rar, it's written xa_transaction. The DTD in the spec states that it is XAConnection. I tried both but unsuccessfully...