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    How to put an authentication statement in a SAML 2.0 Token issued by picketlink STS ?

    dcarniel Newbie



      I'm working on building an STS for strong authentication solution at my company, so far I've managed to do everything I needed, but now I face a problem to which I don't seem to find a good answer.


      The goal is to have an "AuthenticationStatement" issued in my SAML 2.0 token as this is requested by the receiving application. Though looking into the code it does not seem possible to do that by simply extending the standard SAML20TokenProvider; that class provides means to generate "AttributeStatement" entries via the "claims" map of the context, but I haven't found a similar mechanism to produce an AuthenticationStatement.

      I know I could copy the entire content of the issue method from the SAML20TokenProvider and make changes in there, but that sounds like a bad practice altogether.


      If anyone already had the issue I'd be happy to here from them, otherwise I'll have to work out the code a bit and propose a patch for a further release.


      Thanks in advance for your help.