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    Is jBPM Guvnor meant to be used for production runtime deployment or is it mainly for development sync?

    rohit_r Newbie

      Hello All,

          we want to use jBPM5 for our application. The requirement is that processes are developed by our developers then released to a secured production environment used for runtime.

      The runtime is expected to

      1) Load the right process template based on user context

              a) Load the default version of process template if no template version info is provided.

              b) Load the user specific version of the process template if a user specific version exists.

      2) New process templates should be allowed to be added without bringing down the runtime environment. The process templates should be added only by administrators.


      Should we use Guvnor along with core engine to provide the above features?


      The question we have is whether all these versioned templates should be maintained in Guvnor for access by the runtime engine? Or is Guvnor meant to be more for development artifact maintenance for syncing  between developers etc.

      The examples we have seen so far seem to use it more as a development tool rather than something which should be queried by the runtime engine frequently.


      Should our application runtime use Guvnor connection and load processes from Guvnor at runtime on every request to start a process instance? Will this be a performance bottleneck for the runtime?