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    Tree event order

    Steve Stair Newbie

      I've got a code something like this


           var test = "";

           function addTest(val) {

                test += val + ',';

                $('ModelForm:test').innerHTML = test;



      <h:form id="ModelForm">

           <rich:tree id="folderTree" value="#{Model.folderTree}"

                var="item" nodeFace="#{item.type}"









           <h:outputText id="test" value="" />



      If I click on an empty area of the tree (not on any node), I get "mousedown,mouseup,click,", as expected.

      If I click on a node, like I was selecting it, I get "click,selected,mousedown,mouseup", which is very much not what I expected.


      Why would the click and selected events fire before the mousedown?