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    Two or more core bridge with InVM Connector/Acceptor Factory

    mcpata2002 Newbie

      Dear Everybody,


          I have to setup the following processing queue (let me describe them in JMS's context):


                        +>> Bridge >> Queue B >> process one (multi server, time consuming)

        Input > Topic A +>> Bridge >> Queue C >> process two (multi server, time consuming)

                        +<- Subscribe - Monitoring and statistics


          In one of my last post I had figure out how to use core bridge to setup queues and proper addresses to do the "copying" from jms.topic.A to jms.queue.B and jms.queue.C. Thanks Andy again.


          In the initial run, I simply use netty connector, which is pretty slow. I have try to incorporate in-vm connector and acceptor. For a single bridge from jms.topic.A to jms.queue.B it rocks. So I move on to use the same connector / acceptor pair to copy messages from jms.topic.A to both jms.queue.B and jms.queue.C, which failed. Precisely speaking, one of the bridge works but not both.


          I have try adding another pair of connector / acceptor with another server-id (i.e. one with server-id = 0 and one with server-id = 1). It didn't copy any message at all, which I don't understand why.


         Any hint or recommendation ? Please kindly advice.


      Many Thanks & Best Regards,