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how to save h:message in a bean property

kamal_khadka Newbie

I have a errro page. If the server throws an error this page is shown with details of error.



<ui:define name="body">







    <h:messages styleClass="message"/>


We tell the poeple who see this error to take screen shot and send it to us. Instead of that now I want to show this message in an inputArea with a submit button and when they submit it. It will come to my email. So i would know what the error users are getting.


So I tried to


<h:messages styleClass="message" bindind="#{someBean.errroMessage}"/>


my bean has getter and setter for errorMessage


And I have a mailTemplate setup so when they hit submit someBean.errorMessage is put in body of template and send to me.


There was problem with binding.


What should I be doing to work this.


Error doesn't happen often but sometimes it does.


Thank you for help.