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    Mod_Cluster 1.2.0 Final - possible 2 bugs ?

    Maciej Lad Newbie

      I think this is a bugs:



      In status page not work Transffered counter, always i have 0.


      Balancer: mycluster,LBGroup: ,Flushpackets: Off,Flushwait: 10000,Ping: 10000000,Smax: 1,Ttl: 60000000,Status: OK,Elected: 7,Read: 1561,Transferred: 0,Connected: 0,Load: 50


      2) When I Enable/disable content this not any work/impact on client. Conttext is allways accessed with no ending sessions.



      Context is Enable.

      I start session and start use a context.

      1 use

      2 use...


      n use

      - I disable a context and i can use context in session started on first step of case. IF I stop sessions, and start new session, context is unavaliable...


      CASE 2:

      Context is Disable.

      I start session and try use context.

      1 try - error

      2 try - error


      n try - error

      - I eneble context

      n+1 try - error.


      This is ok ?

      Virtual Host 1:


      /, Status: ENABLED Request: 0 Disable /replication-test, Status: ENABLED Request: 0 Disable 



      Jboss on other machine than httpd and ajp connection to jboss is used.