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    Problem with rich:tree and rich:fileUpload

    Mirko Perillo Newbie



      I'm developing a portlet on JBoss-portal 2.7.2 with JSF Myfaces 1.2.9 + RichFaces 3.3.0 and I have some problem.


      In a page I have together a rich:tree and a rich:fileUpload


      rich:tree represent a repository of file with directories and files uploaded


      so in rich:fileUpload I have a a4j:support on event "onuploadcomplete" to reRender the Tree with new file uploaded in some directories selected.


      The problem is that with rich:tree in page the method in a4j:support on event is not executed, if I delete the rich:tree from page so the actionListener of a4j:support is executed (I've add a breakpoint in the method)








      Some suggestions ?