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    Validate my JBOSS setup - user sessions getting swapped with other users

    Kapil Aggarwal Newbie

      Though not normally done in any case, i've an unusual setup for running an HP application. Here is my setup :


      I’ve a cisco load balancer in front which load balances between 3 IIS server. The 3 IIS server through JK_Mod forwards request to 1 JBOSS server each (no load balancing), so these are 3 separate corridors. JBOSS server are not clustered and are not aware of each other’s presence.


      The JBOSS server is hosting the web application which is connecting to a single application load balancer of HP which is running the core application connected with a DB.


      Now the issue we face is of user sessions getting swapped and user’s sometimes log in with some other user’s sessions. So if User “A” tries to logon he sometimes automatically gets logged on into User “B” sessions. This is happening quite often. We have on an average 300 to 400 users simultaneously logged on.


      HP support tells me that it’s not an issue with their application and the issues lies with the web tier setup.


      I hope for some constructive feedback from the experts on finding out where this issue lies. Also I’m unable to replicate this in test environment maybe because I can’t simulate the production load. If there is a way I can find out to simulate the same I can be sure of the component creating this problem.


      I’ve not attached any logs or config file as there are lot of components in the setup, but if requested I can provide all the details needed. I'll try to upload a diagramatic representation of my setup soon.