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    jboss 4.3 to jboss 7 migration

    Manish Arya Newbie



               We have been running our applications on jboss 4.3 (solaris 10) since years. Now we are in process of upgrading the complete platform to jboss 7.

      I was trying to deploy few simple war files from jboss 4.3 to jboss 7 server but I see errors of missing configs missing realms....so on.


      I am putting war files in jboss7.02/standalone/deployments


      I am new to jboss/java so cant understand the real problem.


      but I think there should be backward compatibility in new jboss or there should be tools available for migration.


      can anyone please guide me to a document/process of migrating to jboss 7 from jboss 4.3 ?