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    Calling java method in BPEL assign step


      I need your valuable support for the below issues. Kindly provide any possible solution


      My queries :

        We have used JCAPS and developed bpel2.0 processes.Now we need to convert those into JBoss bpel using this JBDStudio.

      I am facing below  issues while converting,


      1. ) We Used the xmlns:sxxf=http://www.sun.com/wsbpel/2.0/process/executable/SUNExtension/XPathFunctions reff imported in my bpel:process and we called the below functions in my copy assign


      <bpel:from> sxxf:current-dateTime()</bpel:from>

                  <bpel:to part="payload" variable="output">

      <bpel:query queryLanguage="urn:oasis:names:tc:wsbpel:2.0:sublang:xpath1.0"><![CDATA[tns:result]]></bpel:query>




      But in JBDStudio I am getting the Unknown function "sxxf:current-dateTime" used in <bpel:from>


      1. ) I have a java class as a jar and placed in the D:\Jboss\jboss-soa-p-5\jboss-as\server\default\lib in my server location.

      Now I am trying to call the one method which is there in the java class like below,

      <bpel:copy xmlns:addQuery="java://com.emdeon.poc.java.TstEmpJavaClass">


                  <bpel:to part="payload" variable="output">

      <bpel:query queryLanguage="urn:oasis:names:tc:wsbpel:2.0:sublang:xpath1.0"><![CDATA[tns:result]]></bpel:query>




      Same error I am getting in design time. While run time I am getting error below,


      17:10:31,583 INFO  [ASSIGN] Assignment Fault: {http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsbpel/2.0/process/executable}selectionFailure,lineNo=78,faultExplanation=An exception occured while evaluating "{OXPath10Expression addQuery:display()}": No Such Function display


      But the above two things are working well in the JCAPS and glassfish server.


      Please provide the possible solutions , how can I achieve in the JBoss riftsaw. I am using JBoss SOA 5 platform as server.

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          For the 1st question, this thread (http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/ode-user/201008.mbox/%3CAANLkTinLG1dkC9N0b6M5G-sqosraGpmx9_POqGDGXnaT@mail.gmail.com%3Euser/201008.mbox/%3CAANLkTinLG1dkC9N0b6M5G-sqosraGpmx9_POqGDGXnaT@mail.gmail.com%3E) might be of your interest.


          In terms of invoking a java class from RiftSaw, I don't think it is doable right now. Why not expose that java class as JAX-WS web service, and then invoke it via web service way.


          Hope It Helps.


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            Just to let you know, the above two (your original version) are the SUNExtension, so it is not in the BPEL 2.0 spec. Therefore, they are vendor specific.




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              Thanks Jeff.

              So suppose if i use my custion class and invoking any method inside the class how should i need to do? Where should place my classes in server path location?

              Whethere should need make it as a java class jar or in any other way?


              We can expose the java class as a webservice, but as per my requirent i can use only java code only.Once its working than i will update the same to my peers.


              Kindly help me.




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                Again Thanks Jeff,


                Your correct thats SUNExtension only.So where can i find the same functionality in Apache ODE or in RiftSaw.

                Kindly provide the extension.




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                  Hi Karthick,


                  This link might be of your interest.. http://www.intalio.org/confluence/display/PXE/Custom+XPath+Functions


                  You also can look up the thread on the ode user mailing list: such as: http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/ode-user/201202.mbox/browser




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                    Hi Jeff,


                    Thanks for your support.

                    I have used the same but when invoke the service using SOAP UI Tool i am getting the below error message,


                    12:07:53,185 INFO  [STDOUT] Retrieving document at 'file:/D:/Jboss/jboss-soa-p-5/jboss-as/server/default/deploy/EMP_Java_Process-20120227120745.jar/empjavaprocessArtifacts.wsdl'.

                    12:07:53,340 INFO  [WatchDog] [Endpoint files for {DeploymentUnit EMP_Java_Process-20120227120745}] updated

                    12:07:55,336 INFO  [ASSIGN] Assignment Fault: {http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsbpel/2.0/process/executable}selectionFailure,lineNo=78,faultExplanation=An exception occured while evaluating "{OXPath10Expression ext:display()}": Error while executing an XPath expression: net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException: XPath syntax error at char 13 in {ext:display()}:

                        Cannot find a matching 0-argument function named {java:com.example.xpath.Random}display()



                    My Java Class is

                    public class TstEmpJavaClass {



                              public static void display(){

                                        System.out.println("This is Process");



                              public static void main(String arg[]){





                    I have created jar and placed in the following location - D:\Jboss\jboss-soa-p-5\jboss-as\server\default\lib


                    My process step code is below,


                    <bpel:sequence name="main">


                            <!-- Receive input from requester.

                                 Note: This maps to operation defined in empjavaprocess.wsdl


                            <bpel:receive name="receiveInput" partnerLink="client"


                                     operation="process" variable="input"



                            <!-- Generate reply to synchronous request -->

                            <bpel:assign validate="no" name="assign">



                                <bpel:copy xmlns:ext="java:com.example.xpath.Random">

                                    <bpel:from expressionLanguage="urn:oasis:names:tc:wsbpel:2.0:sublang:xpath2.0">ext:display()</bpel:from>              

                                    <bpel:to variable="myVar">

                                        <bpel:query queryLanguage="urn:oasis:names:tc:wsbpel:2.0:sublang:xpath1.0"><![CDATA[tns:input]]></bpel:query>




                            <bpel:reply name="replyOutput"