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    Does the weld check and instant every bean when initializing the application?

    Feng Jiang Newbie

      Hi, everyone:


           I want to know what things does  the weld do when initializing the application.   I am very care about the performance issues of seam3. If  i has 100 beans now, when 10-fold increase, is the start-up time will increase 10-fold, too?    There is a very good mechanism in .NET that if a .asp page never be accessed, even the there are some error in the page's .cs file. It has no an impact on the application.   How does the seam3 do now?   In the seam2 , every component will been checked and instanted at start-up time .


           Our seam2 application take up too many CPU resources because of too many components in the memory.   Does the seam3 do some optimization about this?


           Would anyone tell me what does seam3 or weld do step by step in the start-up time?