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    OnMessage method (of MessageListener) invocation fails after some point of time

    syed imthiyaz yunus Newbie



      We are using JBOSS 4.2.0 with JBOSS Messaging 1.4.0 SP3 in our project for messaging communication. At times we have observed that the receiver queue fails to respond to the messages posted by sender. To be more specific, I can see the sender (through temporary queue) sending the message to the persistent queue. But the queue receiver is not receiving it (I assume so because the first print message in the OnMessage method of that Queue was not appearing in the console). Also the temporary queue gets timed out. Though we can see this issue in our system, we are not able to find the scenario when it occurs. Aslo i am not sure whether it s a known issue in JBOSS Messaging 1.4.0 SP3. If anyone can help me out, it will be great.


      Thanks in advance.