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    Getting the Process Engine in jbpm5.1

    Sinha Bahu Newbie


      I am new to jbpm (so this question might not make sense).


      With jbpm4.4, I have a line of code in a Servlet that gets an instance of the ProcessEngine, which I use to interact with the ProcessEngine (for example, start new process instance). This Servlet is deployed in the same jboss instance where jbpm 4.4 is deployed. This is the code in have in the Servlet that works with jbpm4.4


      processEngine = (ProcessEngine)ctx.lookup("java:/ProcessEngine");


      I did not find a way to do the same in jBPM5.1. Is it possible? Or, is there another way to get an instance of the process engine from another Servlet or ejb running in the same jboss? Some sample code will be very helpful.