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    O/T: apache/glassfish possible timeout loading packed.js

    Brendan Healey Master

      Hi, this is not a richfaces question, but I thought someone on here could have encountered this scenario before

      and be able to help.


      I've just added an apache server in front of a glassfish 3.1.2 which I'm using with richfaces resource mapping.

      When the browser requests packed.js (which is 500kb in size) I get a 502 status. With the glassfish http

      monitor turned on I can see the request being received by glassfish, but the http exit status is 'could not be

      determined' and it tells me nothing else.


      At a guess it looks like something is timing out. I've added Timeout=120 to httpd.conf, but this value is in

      seconds, I'd expect to be looking for something that's timing out in millisecs, not minutes.


      Has anyone come across this before who can suggest any config changes? Note that all other files load ok,

      but then all other files are smaller than packed.js.





      p.s. they don't make it easy do they, apache config could be the subject of a college course.