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    View code changes directly

    Peter Kalkman Newbie



      My IDE is Eclipse Indigo with the latest JBoss Tools installed as a plugin.


      I'm currently developing a Multi Module Maven application which I want to deploy on JBoss AS 7.1. In order to achieve this, I've added my local JBoss AS 7.1 server via Window>Preferences>JBoss Tools>JBoss Tools Runtime Detection, which allows me to deploy the application using the Server view in Eclipse.


      However, when I make a change in the source code, I need to re-deploy the application in order to see my changes.


      • Is there a way to get hot-code replacement?
      • Should I use JRebel for this?
      • Or are there other (beter) ways to achieve this? Maybe using a Maven Plugin?



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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          You can right click on your module in the server view and click restart - which will restart the module without doing a redeploy.


          Hot-code replacement is available for method body changes if you start the server in debug mode.


          If you want "full" hot-code replacement your best option/bet is to use something like JRebel (you can get that by opening JBoss Central and click on software/update page and choose JRebel)


          Maven plugin doesn't help to do this.


          Note, Maven plugin (more specifically m2e+m2e-wtp) does help if you have a maven multi project and want it to be configured for easy deployment from Eclipse.