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    Slow download speeds with JBoss 4.23 / 7 / EAP6 on Windows

    Thorsten W. Newbie

      Hi all,


      my company is hosting JBoss on Windows Servers (2003 (R2), 2008 (R2)) as well as on SuSE SLES 11.

      We're still using JBoss 4.2.3 but plan to switch to 7.1 this year.

      We've detected a strange download issue with JBoss on (any of our) Windows servers. The download speed of static files (we've tested with a static 200 MB zip file) is much slower than with IIS or with Linux JBoss installations.


      While on localhost JBoss and IIS were both able to deliver the file with up to 160 MByte/s (as fast as the disk could), we've detected a bigger difference when we try that e.g. 10 network hops away: There we had the situation that IIS was able to transfer the file with 4 MByte/s while JBoss only could transfer with 1,6MByte/s.


      We tried the same thing with a server in the US, which is 14 hops away from us (Germany): IIS transferred with 400KByte/s while JBoss only transferred with 150KByte/s - with Apache in front connected via AJP the download speed increased up to 200KByte/s, but still half as fast as IIS.


      I've experimented with several JBoss Connector settings, e.g. maxKeepAliveRequests, keepAliveTimeout, connectionTimeout, acceptCount,

      and context.xml settings, cacheMaxSize="204800" cacheTTL="60000"cachingAllowed="true", but it made no difference.


      The question is, if this related to a suboptimal connection settings in JBoss or e.g. a bad MTU setting is slowing down the transfers?