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    Database Values and CMP Values are different after external

    Elmar Coray Newbie

      I'm using a CMP EJB with a MySQL Database. If I insert directly (not using the set method of the CMP)a new Record to the datadase (using phpMyAdmin), the Container seams to known that and creates a new CMP Object. If I update directly (not using any CMP methods) the values of the Database(using phpMyAdmin), the CMP Object Attributes will not be changed, that means that the database values are different then the CMP Attributes. Is it possible to update directly the datbase and the CMP will also update the CMP Object with the new data?

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          Stephen J. Thompson Newbie

          this is from an earlier message which might be relevent.

          You might want to check your commit-options. Jboss comes with them set to A which is cached sole access. You can try C if you have something else besides JBoss accessing the database. It will slow down the Entity beans some since there will be more database calls, but you should see the data in the database.

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            Kevin Hooke Newbie

            Occaisionally I need to directly/externally update database values for admin purposes.

            Rather than change the setting in the previous post to say that JBoss is not the sole user of the database, is there anyway through some admin function where I can force an update/refresh of cached entity beans so that they will pick up the new/changed values from the db?

            I'd rather do this if it is possible, rather than take the performance hit by saying JBoss is not the sole db user?