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    JPA validation fails

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      I just closed an issue I created against Dali: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=372478 (I included the text below)


      It appears that the JPA validation error (Column "attributes" cannot be found on table...) we get is due to a problem in JBoss Tools, Hibernate.


      I wonder if we need to "do something" to make the validation pass, or it is indeed a bug. We can disable the validation as a workaround, but would like it working, obviously.


      The reason I ask, is that it seems such an obvious problem, and I can't find anything currently open (or closed) in Jira to explain it.

      We see it in more than one class. Maybe it's just a problem with the coding style here


      On the other hand, switching the JPA platform to Generic fixes the problem, so maybe not.


      I just tried the JBoss Tools nightly build from yesterday (on 3.7sr2) and could still reproduce.


      Is it something I should file a Jira issue for?






      ------ from the closed Eclipse issue -------

      Build Identifier: Build id: 20120216-1857


      We see a false error from the validation rule: Database/Column/Column cannot be



      The class with the validation error is this:



      @Table(name = "PasswordResourceAuditLog", uniqueConstraints =

      @UniqueConstraint(columnNames = { "timestamp" }))

      public class PasswordResourceAuditLogEntry extends UUIDEntity implements

      LogEntry, Serializable {

          @Column(length = 50)

          private String username;

          private String dataSourceName;


          private Date timestamp;


          private PasswordAttributes attributes;



      The field attributes gets a validation error:


      Column "attributes" cannot be resolved on table "PASSWORDRESOURCEAUDITLOG"



      The class PasswordAttributes looks like this:


      @Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.TABLE_PER_CLASS)


      abstract public class PasswordAttributes extends UUIDEntity {

          public abstract PasswordAttributes copy();

          public abstract PasswordType getType();

          public void setType(PasswordType type){

              //dummy method due to EL




      and in turn:



      public class UUIDEntity implements Serializable {

          @Id @GeneratedValue(generator="system-uuid")

          @GenericGenerator(name="system-uuid",strategy = "uuid")   


          @Size(max=32, min=32)

          protected String id;



          private Long version;


          public String getId() {

              return id;





      Looking in the database (tables created by Hibernate, no custom configuration

      as far as I know), the column is actually called ATTRIBUTES_ID.


      We would expect the validator to look for this, not a column named ATTRIBUTES.