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    CMP bean generating incorrect sql

    anthony leong Newbie

      Forgive me if I should be posting this under a different forum.

      Using the exact same code 'template' that I've used a half-dozen times before, I have created a CMP bean. However for some reason the generated sql does not use the table name I have specified in my jaws.xml file; rather it uses the package name of my ejb when it creates its SELECT statement:

      SELECT COUNT(*) FROM pcat_ejb_entity_s
      ystem_algorithmassessment_AlgorithmAssessmentHome WHERE algorithmid='0'

      All the req'd xml files seem to be correct and all the other beans I have created using the same template work just fine. My target table, 'algorithmassessment' exists (verified using sqlplus).

      Does anybody have any ideas why JBoss would suddenly decide to use my ejb package name instead of the table name?