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    How do I include a Flowplayer inside a template

    Rory Sambrano Newbie

      I want that one of my ECM templates shows video using the flowplayer included in the gatein


      I wa trying this way:


      <div id="player-1330379394865" class="PlayerContent"

                                              style="float: none; margin: auto;; z-index: 0;"></div>

                                          <script type="text/javascript"


                                          <script language="JavaScript">


      flowplayer("player-1330379394865", {wmode: 'transparent', src: "http://localhost:8080/ecmexplorer/javascript/eXo/ecm/flowplayer-3.2.7.swf"},


                      // fullscreen button not needed here





                              url: 'http://localhost:8080/ecmexplorer/javascript/eXo/ecm/flowplayer.controls-tube-3.2.5.swf',

                              fullscreen: true,

                              height: 30,

                              // setup auto hide

                              autoHide: 'always',

                              playlist: true



              playlist: [ {url: 'http://localhost:8080/rest-ecmdemo/private/jcr/repository/collaboration/sites content/live/sbsPortal/categories/sbsPortal/notas-destacadas/television/sdsds/medias/videos/video'} ],

                  canvas: {

                    backgroundImage: 'url(http://localhost:8080/eXoDMSResources/skin/images/file/MP3Player.jpg)'


                  clip: {

                  autoPlay: false,

                  autoBuffering: true,

                  // optional: when playback starts close the first audio playback

                  onBeforeBegin: function() {