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    Errai 2.0beta1 CDI: RequireAuthentication or RequireRoles

    Lau Bakman Newbie



      I have just started on a project where we are trying to use Errai service bus and possibly CDI. We are currently in an investigation/experimentation phase and

      in that context we are looking at how to handle security.


      To provide some context information: We are using Errai 2.0beta one on Jetty and we have created our test projects using the maven archetypes. Other than that we are fairly new

      to Errai.


      So far we have found the RequireAuthentication and RequireRoles annotaions and they seem to work as expected when using Errai without CDI but as soon

      as we enable CDI the annotations no longer have any effect.


      So far I can see that the ServiceProcessor is never executed (which I believe is by design) but is it intentional that the security annotations no longer work?


      Can you point me to any resources explaining how to use security in Errai CDI - possibly if this is not yet implemented in the beta and is to be released at a later date.


      I am sure I must be missing something, just can't figure out what it is :-)




      Lau bakman