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    changing log dirs in domain mode?




      In JBoss AS 7.1.0.Final, overriding the system property ${jboss.domain.log.dir} doesnt seem to work when the new value is set in a property file, i.e:



      ./domain.sh -P=jboss.properties










      sets the property correctly,



      [domain@localhost:9999 /] /host=dcs1/core-service=platform-mbean/type=runtime:read-attribute(name=system-properties)


              "jboss.domain.log.dir" => "/misc/remotelog/jboss",




      but the host-controller.log and process-controller.log_Files are still created in jboss.domain.base.dir/log. For it to works I have to overide the jboss.domain.log.dir property in the domain.conf with -Djboss.domain.log.dir=/misc/remotelog/jboss. Once again, bug or feature??


      Is it possible to overide the location of the logs written by the servers instances started by the process-controller? I dont want to change the jboss.domain.servers.dir, just the log directory (jboss.domain.base.dir/servers/server-one/log for instance).

      I tried setting the jboss.server.log.dir property but it doesnt seems to have any effect.