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    Relationship of Infinispan clustering to JBoss AS7 clustering

    Darrell Burgan Newbie

      Sorry if this is a question for the AS7 forum; if so please just tell me to go there. We are in process of porting our system over to using JBoss AS7 and Spring from a legacy Tomcat/Struts infrastructure. We successfully implemented Infinispan in the Tomcat/Struts infrastructure, but obviously had to provide all the JGroups configuration to set up the Infinspan cluster.


      My question is this: we are planning to use the Hibernate-Infinispan 4.x plugin to connect Hibernate to Infinispan. We are also planning to set up an AS7 domain and cluster several JBoss instances within it. We'll be using JBoss's built in support for JTA and global transactions. Given that we're using the Infinispan that comes with JBoss, does the Infinispan clustering come for free on top of the JBoss cluster we're planning to set up? Or is it a separate cluster with no relationship to the JBoss-level cluster?


      Sorry if this is a noob question. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how all these components relate to each other.


      A side note: Infinispan rocked in our legacy implementation. It has been very stable and has saved us tons of database hits. Learning the bewildering number of Infinispan options was tough, but it certainly appears to me to be the best data grid/cache platform on the planet at the moment. Great work.


      Thanks in advance!