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    syncronization of >=2 EJB Jboss servers

    Joshua Newbie


      central server - Jboss CMP

      client # 1- Jboss CMP (could be a desktop pc)
      client # 2- Jboss CMP (could be a labtop)

      clients 1 & 2 operated by the same user (same objects to be persisted)

      1. desktop client 1 & 2 may operate on their objects when they are not connected to central server
      2. when desktop client 1 or 2 reconnect to central server synchronization occurs
      3. (desktop clients 1 & 2) & central server share some of the same objects (must be synchronized)
      4. if client is connected to central server any client object changes are immediately mirrored on central server

      say you have a client running on a labtop running Jboss and you want to use your program when you're not connected to the Internet. However, when you connect to the central server with your labtop you want to synchronize your changes to the central server or changes on the central server made by one of your other clients ( desktop client ). If you connect with your desktop client you want to syncronize as well.
      Say your house burns down and you lose your desktop client. You should be able to buy a new desktop machine, download the client program, and synchronize.

      Is using Jboss to manage database sycronization overkill?
      Should I just rely on database vender specific sychronization functionaliy?

      has anyone accomplished this feat using EJB & CMP ... other technologies?
      If so how did you do it?
      what is the easiest/cleanest way to synchronize these hosts?

      Thank you much,