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    Example Jboss Spring CXF Endpoint application


      After reading a lot of documentation during our port of a Spring application from Tomcat to Jboss 6

      I finally got it to work.  I thought I would provide a simple example of what I did.

      It does not use the .spring deployer but does use the snowdrop vfs capabilities for loading the Spring context.



      1. Copy your spring libraries to the $JBOSS_HOME/common/lib

           These come from the target/WEB-INF/lib area after the maven build is done.

      2. Make sure you have maven etc.

      3.  Change the jboss dir in the pom properties

      4.  Run  mvn clean package jboss:harddeploy


      Note:  I am assuming that one knows how to use maven:

      In your pom properties you need to change the jboss_home directory


      I hope it saves you some time in your efforts to get Spring/Jboss working together.