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    jnp url configuration wirh rhq agent

    akash kusinga Newbie

      Hi All,


      This is my first post in this community.


      I configured rhqagent with rhq server, i see the folowing error in logs. From jon console i see 1099 production tab in RED. When checked with support they asked me to change url from consolejnp://[0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]:1099 to jnp:// After changing from console it use to work properly.


      2012-02-28 11:14:53,762 DEBUG [ResourceDiscoveryComponent.invoker.daemon-1] (rhq.plugins.jbossas5.helper.JBossInstanceInfo)- jboss.home.dir="C:\Apps\jboss-eap-5.0\jboss-as"

      2012-02-28 11:14:53,762 DEBUG [ResourceDiscoveryComponent.invoker.daemon-1] (rhq.plugins.jbossas5.helper.JBossInstanceInfo)- jboss.server.home.dir="C:\Apps\jboss-eap-5.0\jboss-as\server\production"

      2012-02-28 11:14:53,762 DEBUG [ResourceDiscoveryComponent.invoker.daemon-1] (rhq.plugins.jbossas5.helper.JBossInstanceInfo)- jboss.server.name="production"

      2012-02-28 11:14:53,762 DEBUG [ResourceDiscoveryComponent.invoker.daemon-1] (rhq.plugins.jbossas5.helper.JBossInstanceInfo)- jboss.bind.address=""

      2012-02-28 11:14:53,762 DEBUG [ResourceDiscoveryComponent.invoker.daemon-1] (org.rhq.plugins.jbossas5.ApplicationServerDiscoveryComponent)- Read JNP URL from jnp-service.url file:jnp://[0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]:1099




      Now my question is we configured jboss on ip but from which conf it is picking this ip  jnp://[0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]:1099. I have gone through all conf files but am not able to find. Can some please help me in this because i need to change this URL for all other instances.


      Appreciate your help in Advance.


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