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    usage of ajax poll

    aniinprni Newbie



          i doing one module like wake up alarm.so for this at particular time i need to show the reminder to loggedin user.so i used ajax poll tag with an interval of 5 secs.In my project i am getting  dialogue box with the message.In the dialogue box i need to do some actions.but the problem is before doing the actions it is showing another dialogue box with the same message.


      here is the code


      <a:region renderRegionOnly="true">



                                      <a:poll id="poll" interval="5000" action="some method" oncomplete="#{rich:component('dialoguebox')}.show()" enabled="true"                                         reRender="dialoguebox" >









      i need another dialogue box after doing the actions in the first dialoguebox.



      Please help me,need a suggestion.


      Thanks in advance.