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    TimerService.getTimers () returns an empty collection. Is it a bug?

    Avor Nadal Newbie

      Hello everybody:


      I'm still a newbie of Java EE, but something which worked for me in JBoss AS 5 is not working in JBoss AS 7 any longer. On the one hand, I inject the TimerService into a statless session bean this way:



         private TimerService timerService;



      On the other hand, into a method where I want to list which Timers have been registered, I do:


      Collection <Timer> timers = timerService.getTimers ();


      Even though I've registered one or more Timers succesfully (I know it because I've set a log to check this), this sentence always returns an empty collection. Is this a bug or an expected behaviour?


      Thank you.