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    Problem with null finders

    Colin Bester Newbie

      Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem I am having.

      I am using findByCMP-Field finder in Entity bean that is container managed. I am deploying boss2.4 using EJB1.1 compliance.

      My problem is that no data is being returned.

      I have checked suggestions raised in similar queries mentioned in this forum.

      I used TogetherJ to generate the ejb and the various deployment descriptor files.

      I have also ensured there is no corresponding ejbFindBy.. method in my EJB files.

      When I watch the output on my java console window I do see expected sql being passed to the database with no exception etc being raised.

      And yes the data does exist because I can do a findByPrimaryKey and extract the data.

      I am pretty sure I am missing something but am now totally stumped so would really appreciate any input.