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    Deployed web service instantiated twice on AS startup

    Michael Tarullo Newbie

      I have a very simple service I was using to test the behavior of the constructor of a web service implementation class.  I wanted to see if the implementation class constructor was called on startup of the AS when the service is deployed (I have not tested for hot deploy).  The attached is a part of the JBoss log file for this start-up test.  Note that the output messages are displayed twice.  Was my implmentation class instantiated twice?  If so, why?  If not, why are the messages from the constructor displayed twice?


      Also, in this section of the log file I see two messages labeled [AddressRewritingEndpointInfo], one with the URL of my endpoint as defined in my WSDL and .xml config files and another with the port changed to port 8080.  Can anyone explain what is going on with this?