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    cache/pool configuration for ejb2 entity beans

    Lars Kral Newbie

      In JBoss 5.1 we take advantage of container-configurations declared in jboss.xml to control...


      * the maximum capacity of the instance cache (max-capacity)

      * the maximum period of inactivity a bean can have before passivation (max-bean-age)

      * the maximum number of pooled instances (maximumSize)


      Is such a fine-grained configuration for ejb2 entity beans still possible with JBoss AS 7.1?


      From what I have seen, instance caching seems not to be enabled per default in the standalone cofiguration, so each finder method results in an ejbLoad() invocation.


      In the documentation, I can only find how to configure a 2nd-level-cache for JPA-beans. So can someone point me to the right direction, please?