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    Virtual hosts?

    daver690 Newbie

      I have to ask because I can't get this straight in my head


      In the file jboss-web.xml, the value you enter in the <virtual-host> tags is it suppose to be some sort of temporary hosts-file that's created? Because I'm having a hard time getting when you use it. I've Googled and some accounts say you need to make some changes in the jboss-web.xml-file and the hosts-file, which really doesn't make any sense to me. When I develop if I want to simulate a registered domain I just make the changes in the hosts-file however when I go live I set up the DNS for real.


      I also haven't gotten it to work, any value I put in the <virtual-host> tags just result in some weird parse.errors, but I figure if I can get this one thing straight I can get a better idea what to do there.