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    How to get JBoss7 Domain and Host-Controller info by remote jmx

    Yuriy Grechanyi Newbie


      When I'm connecting by jconsole to server (service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://<host>:1090/jmxrmi) I see the one attribute, that tells us about type of server:

      launchType (can be 'DOMAIN' or 'STANDALONE')

      in: jboss.model:management-root=server or jboss.model:core-service=server-environment mbeans.


      Is there a way to collect additional info about corresponding domain and host-controller of managed server via JMX? (e.g. host-controller name, domain-controller type (local or remote), or host-controller management-interfaces (native or http))

      Can I detect somehow else, that two servers on the host are managed by the same host-controller through jmx?

      May be host-controller process can be accessible via jmx remotely?


      Also, I've found out that standalone server mbean jboss.model:management-root=server has method: readConfigAsXml(), that returns a content of standalone.xml

      What in case of managed server in domain, something for domain.xml and host.xml ?