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    Firebird direct client configuration

    AndrewGoedhart Newbie

      Had a look at the configuration XML script posted in the jboss documentation. It has the following attributes:


      However these don't seem to work.

      I had a look at the code and it seems the driver is using system.propeties("User") and not even putting i the password. The hard coded password of masterkey seems to be commented out.

      Is there another version of GDS_impl.java which correctly implments the user name and password and hasn't yet been put into CVS ??

      Where can I get my hands on it or is it time to try and understand the murky world resource connectors and to try and write this part myself. Just would no like to duplicate effort if it already has been done. Also I don't have any form of CVS access except the HTML frontend which makes things a little difficult.