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    Deploying jBPM process with custom work item

    Tom Van Damme Newbie



      I'm currently evaluating the usage of jBPM for automation and follow up of some processes


      I've created a process containing a custom work item that calls a piece of Java code. So far so good, I can run it in eclipse and everything works OK. I was actually quite impressed with the ease of defining and running the process. Now I want to deploy it to jBPM deployed to a jBOSS application server, to check out the process follow up and reporting. But I can't sem to get the thing working. Most of the references that I find all concern updating WAR files and putting files in specific directories. Is there a more user friendly way to deploy this kind of process?


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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          Tom, it all depends on your usage scenario. Do you use it with default (demo) setup or you have your custom application that does the interaction with the engine?


          Updating WAR is due to jbpm-console server component is responsible for executing your processes, so it must be able to find it on classpath to register your custom work item handles onto the session and of course to find the class of the work item implementation. When you use your custom application it is up to you to either rely on discovery mechanism (same as jbpm-console) or do it manually when creating a session.