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    Ungraceful publisher disconnects in HornetQ 2.2.8 EAP CR3

    bence magyar Newbie

      Hi folks,


      I am running hornet 2.2.8 EAP CR3.  I noticed something interesting in my hornetQ logs lately.  I have a client that connects to the server and creates creates 6 unique MessageProducers to 6 JMS topics .  They don't produce any messages.  When the client shuts down, it is seemingly going through the proper cleanup logic: i.e calling close() on it's connection object.


      Yet after 30-60 seconds, the hornetQ log is flooded with the following sequence of warnings:




      [hornetq-failure-check-thread] 1-Mar 17:41:44,99 WARNING [RemotingConnectionImpl]  Connection failure has been detected: Did not receive data from /<IP>:40337. It is likely the client has exited or crashed without closing its connection, or the network between the server and client has failed. You also might have configured connection-ttl and client-failure-check-period incorrectly. Please check user manual for more information. The connection will now be closed. [code=3]


      * [hornetq-failure-check-thread] 1-Mar 17:41:44,99 WARNING [ServerSessionImpl]  Client connection failed, clearing up resources for session 87ce8055-63c5-11e1-9c6a-782bcb9e7c59

      * [hornetq-failure-check-thread] 1-Mar 17:41:44,100 WARNING [ServerSessionImpl]  Cleared up resources for session 87ce8055-63c5-11e1-9c6a-782bcb9e7c59



      I see this sequence 6 times, presumably one for each publisher.  Why doesn't HornetQ recognize that I've closed the connection?


      How can I troubleshoot what is going on?  Jconsole only shows which subscribers are connected to a topic, not publishers.