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    Idle timeout settings

    Guy Rouillier Newbie

      In many different topics, David Jencks wrote:
      Ok, I think in pre 3.0 jboss you set


      and all connections idled for more than 15 min (900,000 millisec) will be disposed of (and replaced if minSize > 0).
      (1) Should GCInterval always be set equal to IdleTimeout?

      (2) What is GCMinIdleTime? Sounds like the minimum time an object must be idle before it is garbage collected, but as far as I know Java doesn't do idle gc, only gc on objects that are unreferenced. Can we just leave this set to the default (20 minutes)? Does it matter if this setting is less than or greater than IdleTimeout?

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          David Jencks Master

          Welcome to the confusing world of overly generic software.

          (1) - doesn't matter. GCInterval is how often the "cleanup" thread runs, idle timeout is how long a connection is unused before the cleanup thread disposes of it.

          (2) "GC" has nothing to do with the java "gc" - its a thread whose sole purpose is to cleanup the pools. As I recall, the "GC" function kills pooled objects that have been checked out too long... kind of inappropriate for connections in an app server, transaction timeout should take care of this instead. Any setting larger than the transaction timeout should be fine and have no effect.