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    Access EJB from servlet - ClassNotFoundException

    jaspar Newbie

      Hehyo community,


      since I'm absolutely new to the world of JEE application development I'm facing some basic problems I guess.


      As the title of this thread already says I'm trying to access an EJB component from a servlet class via dependency injection using the @EJB annotation.

      I deployed the EJB component as a simple jar-archive on the application server. The servlet class is part of war-archive.
      So when I start deploying the war-archive I get a ClassNotFoundException concerning the EJB components class.


      My guess so far is that the way I'm trying to deploy things is wrong or missing some components.


      Any help is highly appreciated.









      Edit: Solved the problem myself. It was a simple programming error. I just tried to access the wrong EJB component. This thread may be deleted.