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    CMP2.0 and storing objects problem

    Rune Hamnvik Newbie

      I'am using JBoss 3.0.0alpha and the new CMP 2.0 implementation, and I have problem storing ArrayList as a BLOB in MySQL. I have done this often with previous versions of JBoss and it has been working fine all the time. When I am creating a bean with a ArrayList cmr field all seem to work fine. The values seems to be stored and the size is correct. But when I later fetched the bean using either findAll or findByPrimaryKey, all fields in the bean are correct except for the ArrayList. It has now the size of zero. Have I missed something that is new with CMP2.0 (and JBoss 3.0.0alpha) or is this a possible bug ?

      Rune Hamnvik
      Mobinor AS