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    what are the client libraries i need for a JMS client using Jboss 7.1.0

    ~= ziggy =~ Newbie

      I am trying to following this http://www.mastertheboss.com/jboss-application-server/287-jboss-jms.html?start=1 article to try a simple JMS client with Jboss/HornetQ. The article specifies that i need to add the HornetQ libraries and Jboss client libraries as shown in this diagram:

      enter image description here

      I have managed to copy across all the HornetQ libraries but unfortunately the JBOSS_CLIENT libraries is not shown in the diagram (collapsed) so i don't know what are the libraries that are required. Anyone know what are the client libraries if using Jboss 7.1.0?


      I looked into the modules folder and there is just too many jar files in there.