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    scrollableDataTable (richfaces 3) and extendedDataTable (richface 4) doesn't work on chrome 17.0.963.56

    Tri-Bao Ho Newbie

      I am on ubuntu 10.04 and using Chrome 17.0.963.56


      I am using richface 3.3.3.final and trying to use scrollableDataTable. It works fine on Firefox. But when testing on Chrome, it doesn't work: no header, no pagination (asynchornous loading on vertically scrolling). If I test it with Chrome on windows (the same version as my Chrome on Ubuntu), it works well.


      Then I try the the live demo (http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/scrollableDataTable.jsf?c=scrollableDataTable&tab=usage) with my chrome, I got the same result as mine (e.g. no header, no pagination), see the attached screenshot RF3-scrollableDataTable.png. Opening Chrome developer tools, I see no javascript error at all.


      Then I try with Richfaces 4 with my Chrome. I think, on richfaces 4, extendedDataTable is now equivalent to scrollableDataTable in term of Ajax lazy loading for vertical scrolling? And the result is that it's nearly the same as richfaces 3: pagination doesn't work, but better than scrollableDataTable of richfaces 3, the header visible. See the screenshot RF4-extendedDataTable.png. Opening Chrome developer tools, I see one error


      packed.js:1202Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null


      Anybody got the same problem as me? Is there any workaround?