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    JBoss 6.1.0 CXF and Spring problem

    Néstor Boscán Newbie



      I'm trying to deploy a CXF and Spring WAR file on JBoss 6.1.0. If I include the CXF libraries I get:


      Unresolved conflict on resource environment reference named: cxf


      If I use a jboss-classloading.xml file in WEB-INF with this content:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <classloading xmlns="urn:jboss:classloading:1.0"










      It gives the same error. From my understanding this should resolve the issue.

      If I take away the CXF libraries from the war file I get:

      ClassNotFoundException: org.springframework.context.ApplicationListener

      Because the CXF libraries in JBoss doesn't see the spring libraries.

      So how can I deploy the war file with the libraries and make it work? What is the best practice here? Have all CXF libraries in the WAR file or put all the common libraries in JBoss?


      Néstor Boscán